The meeting in a nutshell

The fifth meeting of the GAMES project took place in Alytus, Lithuania, October 6–12, 2019. This was a training event for pupils. In particular:

Sunday, 06/10/2019

The teams from Austria and Turkey arrived on Sunday and the Lithuanian local coordinator met them at Alytus bus station and accommodated students at the Guest House “Linas” while teachers stayed at hotel “Vaidila”. The Greek team arrived on Saturday and the Lithuanian teachers met them at Vilnius airport.

Monday, 07/10/2019

All partners gathered at the Alytus vocational training centre at 9 a.m. and a welcome ceremony took place at our library. The principal of Alytus training centre greeted the partners and wished them successful and productive work. The members of the meeting watched a video about Lithuania and, then our training session started with the quiz show “The Battle of Ships”. This game was programmed by our IT teacher Irmantas Grimalauskas and his students. The members were divided into 5 international teams and had to play the game. The mission of the players was to destroy ships and answer questions regarding Lithuania, Austrian and Greek history, geography, culture, etc. A lot of logical puzzles and riddles were prepared for students. After lunch, which was served by our pupils, we went on a trip to our resort Birštonas. Firstly, we visited the Vytautas hill, which is the highest mound in Lithuania, the only one in Lithuania - Druskupis mineral water evaporation facility, where everyone could enjoy the exceptionally healthy "sea effect" air and Birštonas Observation Tower which was built this summer and opened to visitors. Its height is 55 metres and the observation deck of the tower is located at a height of 45 m.

Tuesday, 08/10/2019

On the second day of the meeting we went to Anykščiai. Our first stop was at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum. The Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum, established in the century-old complex of Anykščiai Railway Station exhibits a Skoda locomotive Kukushka, other narrow-gauge rolling stocks and communication tools. Inside the Station there is the waiting hall and the office of the Chief of the Train Station of the Inter-War period in Lithuania. We got a lot of interesting information there and we were even allowed to try out one of the operating exhibit – the handcar. We had tasty pizza for lunch at the local pizzeria and, after that we visited St. Matthew’s Church. It was even possible to climb upstairs to the spire of the church. On the top, we had a great view over the town. Our next stop was at the famous Anykščiai Pinewood where the only treetop path is located in Eastern Europe. Before walking along the path we had a possibility to see the second largest boulder in Lithuania. The guide told us the legend about it. The walk on the 21 metres high path was fascinating and at the last stop, a 34-metre high tower we had a breath-taking view of the Šventoji river. At the end of the tour we went to the Alpine coaster which is the only such entertainment in Lithuania which seduces you to slide down the hill and feel new, thrilling emotions. The pupils and even teachers drove down the hill.

Wednesday, 09/10/2019

We started to present our games on Wednesday. Firstly, Lithuanian students presented their video games. The Lithuanian team created and programmed two games for lessons. The first game “Pirates are looking for treasure” is a logical and strategical game for Mathematics lessons containing different Mathematics tasks: Geometry, the sequence of numbers, Percent, etc. Sailing on the boat you have to find 5 chests and answer to the mathematical tasks during the limited time. You can sail on the mine and get the task as well. The next game is “Maze” which is for Maths lesson as well. The goal of the game is to educate mathematical skills. There are hidden 10 cubes. When you find one you have to answer to the question and you can get points.
Later, the Austrian team presented their games. They presented their game “Ghost”. The game is for special needs schools to motivate students to exercise some Maths. It is the third person character who has to find a ghost and catch it. The pupils have to answer to questions if they want to continue the game. The second game is about changing the story ending. You have to click on different answers to change the story and get a good ending. The goal of the game is to integrate the new student into the class.
After lunch, all participants visited Alytus regional museum where they attended an educational pottering programme. They made cups and bowls from the clay and fostered their creativity.

Thursday, 10/10/2019

The day started with the rest of the presentation by the Austrian team. One of the games was “School Tour” where you had to click on the girl or the boy to start the test. You could choose which room you would like to go next. It was online 360 Photo school tour. The next game was “Ships”. The aim of the game was to place containers on the ship. During the game pupils had to answer to the questions. If you chose the correct answer you could place the container on the ship if you were wrong, the container fell into the water.
Next was the Greek team that presented their game about cryptography. You are trapped in a house full of cryptography puzzles and in order to escape you must solve them. The goal of the game is to inspire players to learn more about cryptography, to find codes and decode them.
After coffee break, we went to 3D class. Lithuanian students showed videos about the planets Venus, Jupiter, and AIDS. The spectators had to wear 3D glasses and to answer to a number of questions regarding these videos. This was a demonstration of material used in Biology and Physics classes.
After lunch, we visited the Druskininkai resort where students together with teachers spent their free time at the Druskininkai Aqua Park while some of them walked around Druskininkai, visited the inverted house and took pictures there. Later, teachers had the farewell dinner at the restaurant “Šašlykinė”.

Friday, 11/10/2019

On the last day of the meeting the Turkish team presented their work. The first game is named “Princess and Elf“. Its goal is to make lessons funnier. It is an interdisciplinary game. The princess wants to go to the castle, but on the way to the castle the elf stops her and she has to answer to the questions in order to enter in. The second game’s goal is to guess the elements if you want to get the Pokemon. You have to guess the full names of elements and get the Pokemon. The last game was about Maths. There are a shark, a star and a weapon in the game and you have to chase the shark and defend ourselves solving mathematical tasks.
The project coordinator presented their Moodle platform and all participants had to fill in feedback questionnaires and we had to solve the quiz about Lithuania, its history, geography, traditions and the hosting school. Justinas Marčiulionis presented Romanian team‘s game which was sent to us by email. Its game is “Pop the Balloon“. An exercise is written on the Sun and balloons with answers fly up into the sky. The only trouble is which is the correct one. The pupil has to figure it out and pop the right balloon by hovering over it the reflected the sun ray. We had to solve the quiz about Lithuania, its history, geographical places and traditions. We discussed about the project and its results.
After a coffee break, students had VR activities at constructing technology and business department. During lunch the students attending the waiter profession department prepared cocktails for all guests and certificates were given to all participants. After lunch our guests from Greece left our school and our country, because they had an evening flight to their country.

Saturday, 12/10/2019

The participants from Austria and Turkey departed on Saturday and our teachers drove them to Alytus bus station.


Here are some pictures from the activities during the meeting.

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