Alytus vocational training centre is a public institution, established in 2004. The main activity of the centre is vocational training. The other areas of the activities are: secondary education, basic education, non-formal education and an activity of a driving school. It is the biggest vocational training centre in the south of Lithuania.

There are 3 departments in the centre:

• Industry and trade department

• Business service department

• Construction technologies and business department.

The centre is one of the biggest educational institutions in the region of South Lithuania. About 1300 students are learning in the centre and about 1500 adults are learning in this institution under continuous and non-formal educational programmes every year. There are realised 34 programmes for formal vocational training, two of these programmes are designed for pupils with special needs. Also there are 97 programmes for continuous vocational training. The basic and secondary education is developed in Gymnasium section. Pupils are taught in modern classes, laboratories and workshops for practical vocational training. Educational environment is adjusted for pupils with special needs or movement weaknesses. According to the research analysis of Labour market the centre is constantly preparing new programmes and renewing the old programmes, which are realized at our school.

There are 240 employees in the centre. 120 of them are pedagogues. The main aim of the centre’s activity is to develop spiritual, intellectual and physical strengths of a person and to foster a creative, responsible citizen, who has to gain skills and competences for successful social integration and lifelong learning.

Quality Management System LST ENISO 9001:2008 was implemented at Alytus vocational training centre on 24th of January in 2014. Our centre actively participate and realise the EU, Erasmus+, Comenius, national and local projects. Alytus vocational training centre was awarded for successfully completed Leonardo da Vinci programme activities during 2007-2013. The Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter is awarded to Alytus vocational training centre for the period from 2016 to 2020. Every year Alytus vocational training centre staff implement many different projects of Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 activities, Nordplus Junior, national programmes for trainings or developing infrastructure.

The newly opened the modern work safety centre and construction and engineering industry practical sectoral training centre at Alytus vocational training centre help ensure the high training quality in the constructing and engineering sector. There were established Engineering industry sectoral training centre in 2015 which is equipped with modern technologies. There are modern infrastructure of such training programmes as a welder, an electrician, a metal processing machine-tool operator and industrial equipment repairer at our school.