The project significance for our school

Today video games are used as an additional or alternative method to traditional education. Video games are beneficial and used for educational purposes in the classroom or at home. So, learning from video games outside the classroom is possible as well.

So, we (five countries from Europe) decided to create the project that is about games and their use at various lessons. Two students from Alytus vocational training centre and three teachers were the core team in this project and were working on the video games. The students were selected of the computer network developer training programme and they had only basic skills of programming before the project.

At first, this project was very challenging and quite complicated for them, because our students had to learn a lot of new things. During the project they learnt HTML5, JavaScript and Canvas programming languages. They have never learned to use these programming languages for video games before. They had been working hard for two years, and finally, they created two games using “Unity” for programming. “The Pirates Looking for Treasure“, “The Maze“ are the video games with mathematical tasks for senior students who are going to take the national Math examination. Our students were very passionate about creating these games and this project was so motivating for them that they are going to study further and become computer programmers in the future.

Our Math teachers and students have already tested these games and it has been more interesting to study Math playing games than traditional lessons which are boring for students. Moreover, this project is really meaningful and beneficial for our school and students because they will use these games during the lessons and they can change the math tasks according to the topics of lessons.

Lilija Dailidaitė

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