Trip to Austria, Laa An Der Thaya 16-12-2018

Our trip to Austria was thrilling from start to finish starting with our first day in Vienna. Even though we arrived one day later than all the other groups, our welcoming in the country was just as warm and friendly as expected. As we were traveling by a beautiful and innovative train to Vienna we had time to meet some of the students and talk, while also looking at the beautiful scenery of the snowy valeys of the country. First place  we visited was the FLIP museum, that helped us understand more things about economy and money while also having many fun interactive activities. After that we had some free time and then went to the Castle of the princess Sissy, a huge palace with gorgeous gardens, extraordinary sculptures/architecture and a small market in front of it

On the next day, Wednesday, we spent our morning in the school, an imposing, 3 storey building with new equipment, huge classrooms and a big history that goes back to 1940. We all presented our game projects and also played some of them. After lunch all of us went to a special needs school. There, we did fun activities such as baking cookies, cakes and playing table tennis. Our Last activity for the day was going to the cinema and watching a movie in 3D.

On Thursday we went to Vienna again. First we went to the TimeTravel museum. We all sat through a marvellous 5D simulator that showed us the history of Austria throughout times and after that we went to other rooms that had realistic dramatizations of various history stages. Then we went to a town tour and got the chance to look at the beautiful monuments that can be found all around the city. What’s more is that the headmaster of the school talked to us about the history of every place we went, it was really interesting and informative. Lastly we went to a mall, had some free time and returned home by train.

On our last day in Austria with our hosts we went to the school. First thing we did was having an interesting lecture about HTML Canvas. Everybody was able to participate in this activity as we all learned basic things about programming. After that we learned about Unity, a program that gives it’s user the ability to create their own high quality games. After all that we had lunch and an awesome goodbye ceremony. We got our certificates and after a while we had to go.

On Saturday we left early in the morning. The last minutes with the groups were emotional as no one wanted to leave.

Were I to chose a favorite moment from the trip, it would be our visit to Sissy’s Palace, Saint Stephan’s Church and all of our tours in the outstanding Vienna. What’s also worth mentioning is the fast and efficient public transport that anybody could easily use.

All and all, this was an amazing trip, that has given me many  fun memories that i’ll surely never forget. With such trip we all were able to get a glimpse of life outside Greece as the differences were big.

 Erasmus+ is an program that everybody should to take part in, all the time that is dedicated on it is absolutely worth it.

-Anais Farhat, 2nd Gymnasium of Xanthi, January 2019

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