Virtual Reality: Useless gimmicks or the way for effective learning in future?

To find your self in a 3D scenario is awesome per se and if, in addition, you can take some actions you are INVOLVED. You are part of the situation, you are fully concentrated and motivated to learn more. VR turns the learner to an explorer.

You will have the chance to take, say, a body apart and have a look on things you are not able to see usually.

You will have the chance to move from one place to another nearly timeless and you can switch between scales, from big size to small size and feel as a giant or a dwarf.

VR provides various possibilities to make things visible and understandable.

So VR obviously is best for education. So will there be VR everywhere in education in future?

Well to get this future scenario we need more VR apps and more VR stations and both to reasonable prices. Maybe if the demand is increasing and the cost per units are decreasing this trend will be rapidly growing and changing the whole educational field. Maybe VR will be standard equipment in all schools in future, same as happened to computers and we are the beginning of a new era. So let`s be prepared.

Renate Wachter

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