The Benefits of Childhood Games

In this digital era a lot of children like playing computer games using their electronic gadgets at a very young age and they do not want to go out and have a playtime in the yard. Parents find challenging to get them off their couches. Parents understand that their children should have a normal childhood and they have to play simple traditional games which could ensure their children‘s not only physical fitness but also boost their brain power, because playing traditional games is an important part of a child‘s development.

During the meeting in Bucharest, Romania we had the chance to remember our childhood and play childhood games. One day was devoted to playing of childhood games and the motto of the day was the words of the well-known Irish writer George Bernard Shaw associated with playing: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. Each team had to choose a specific childhood game which is popular in their country. Lithuanian team chose the game with a ball. All teams presented their games, explained the techniques of playing and all pupils had to play that game. After playing the game participants had to estimate if that game was educational or not. Pupils talked about educational objectives of the games, developed skills and acquired knowledge for the game. Some games acquired specific knowledge such as quick thinking, physical fitness, making decisions and so on.

So, we learned that simple games give children the opportunity to develop essential skills, for example, children learn to develop their imagination, experiment, solve problems, make decisions and etc. Because of interaction with their friends they learn to communicate, to share and to solve conflicts. If children play games outside they have a possibility to exercise in the fresh air which is very important for their mental and physical health.

L. Dailidaitė

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